3 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas That Tinsley Keefe Urges You to Consider

3 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas That Tinsley Keefe Urges You to Consider

Weddings should be unique, even if it is only to ultimately make the memories more special. The best part is that there are a million ways to achieve that perfect ceremony of your dreams. Tinsley Keefe is no stranger to unique wedding ceremony ideas, especially while working in Oklahoma City as a wedding officiant with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies.

The interesting ideas can range over a variety of different topics – sometimes central to a specific topic, and other times a bunch of random small things meshed together. Fortunately, Tinsley Keefe is more than willing to share her golden tips on unique wedding ceremony ideas. Before digging to deep however, remember that true creativity is born within one’s own imagination.

#1 – Switch Up Traditions 

Most wedding ceremonies are chalk-full of old traditions. This is obviously not a bad thing, but it also means there is plenty room for creative improvising. Instead of having the bridesmaids carry the generic bouquet of flowers, have them carry something relative to the wedding theme or ceremony. For example, wedding officiant Tinsley Keefe attended a Lifelong Wedding ceremony in Oklahoma. . . but the wedding was at night.

The entire venue and even the backdrop was decorated in breathtaking lights and lanterns. The sound of water was running in the background, and when the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, they carried lanterns instead of flowers. Of course, other ideas could be personally writing your vows, changing the seating layout, and even changing the generic wedding dress and tux for something more original.

#2 – Hold Rituals 

As loony as it might sound, one of the best ways to add individuality to your wedding ceremony is by adding a ritual either in place of the generic ceremony or in addition to it. Some couples will explore the knot tying ceremony, where a couple ties a fisherman’s knot together after vows and rings are exchanged. Others will lean more towards candle ceremonies or sand ceremonies.

There are hundreds of different rituals, all with different meanings. The ritual you choose to do with your future husband/wife should mean something personally – even if it is simply an attraction to candlelight or an obsession with tying knots. There are so many options; the concepts are literally endless. As wedding officiant in OKC, Tinsley Keefe has experienced some rituals firsthand. Another popular ritual is the Celtic tradition of handfasting.

#3 – Technology Theme 

This suggestion has its own section solely because technology is the wave of the future. If a completely technologic wedding has not already occurred, it is only a matter of time. I am not even talking about a few stellar effects brought on by electronics, but rather the entire wedding ceremony. Just think about it – the vows could be typed over an electronic system of some sort, the rings could actually be some form of technology, and simple things like SSH messages could add a thrilling electronic touch. In the end, a technology themed wedding could easily be two tech geeks’ dream wedding come true.

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