Why it is Illegal for Wedding Couples to Demand Their Money Back Merely

Illegal for Wedding Couples

Why it is Illegal for Wedding Couples to Demand Their Money Back Merely Because Their Wedding Minister Near Me Was Transgender, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or an ‘Unsuitable Race’

For your big day, hiring a wedding officiant to officiate your wedding is a great step. There are several wedding officiants in Oklahoma City that are available for hire. Most wedding officiant in OKC wants to be placed on retainer months before your wedding if you want them to officiate at your wedding in OKC.

But what happens when you demand your money back from your wedding officiant? The reason for the demand could be that you may have discovered that they are either lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, or of an unsuitable race. So, why is it illegal to ask for a refund? Before that, you should know the benefits of hiring a wedding officiant in El Reno, OKC.

Reasons You Need a Wedding Officiant for Your Big Day

If you are getting married in Oklahoma, or you want to plan an elopement wedding ceremony, these are the reasons you need a wedding officiant:

They Will Help You Have a Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

A wedding officiant in Bethany, OKC, will have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in personalizing your ceremony so that it fits your taste. Working with a qualified wedding officiant in OKC can be very beneficial for anyone who plans to modify or combine several things in their wedding in OKC.

They Can Help You Write Vows

Your wedding officiant in El Reno can help you come up with vows if you do know what to write. They can collaborate with you to write and refine the ideal wedding vows. Your wedding may provide you with unique advice that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. They include practical advice, conventional examples, and even ideas gleaned from other couples whose weddings they have officiated.

Your Friends Will Have the Opportunity to Enjoy Your Wedding

Most couples make the mistake of telling their friends to officiate their wedding ceremony in OKC. So, getting a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City helps your friends enjoy and share the big day with you without bothering about officiating your wedding in OKC.

They Will Do a Good Job Officiating

Worrying about your wedding officiant officiating your wedding ceremony in Oklahoma City should not happen. When you hire a professional wedding officiant, you will rest assured that your ceremony will be carried out seamlessly.

The people will sit well, the vows will be said on time, etc. You may think that your family member or friend should officiate because he or she knows you and your partner. But, standing in front of a crowd might not be what they do best. Most people have stage fright and officiating a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma City may not be the best decision for them. So, your wedding minister will officiate your wedding well, and without fumbling which is exactly what you need.

Reasons It Is Illegal to Demand Money Back from Your Wedding Officiant

If you are against having a wedding officiant near you who is transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or of an unsuitable race and you have already paid the money it may be illegal to demand a refund. You may have discovered after they have wedded you that your wedding officiant in Norman, OKC, is either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or of an unsuitable race. Here are reasons you should not ask for a refund:

They Fulfilled Their Duty

If you found out after your wedding that your wedding officiant, who conducted your wedding ceremony in Oklahoma City is either gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, or of an unsuitable race, it is illegal to demand a refund because they fulfilled their duty. Your wedding officiant in El Reno, Oklahoma City, duty was to officiate your wedding, which they did. Their sexual orientation, transgender, or ‘unsuitable race’ did nothing to disrupt your wedding ceremony in OKC so it is illegal to ask for a refund.

There Is No Breach of Contract

For most wedding ceremonies in OKC, you need to book a wedding officiant in advance. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City sometimes has a packed and busy schedule. This means that to ensure they do not accept any other client, they must be placed on a retainer. If your wedding officiant in OKC breached the terms of your agreement for officiating your wedding in Bethany, OKC, it is okay to ask for a refund. If they did not breach the terms of the contract, it is illegal to ask for your money back.

You Are Just Being Transphobic or Homophobic

The wedding officiant you booked for your wedding ceremony in OKC, can still perform their job well even when they are gays, bisexuals, lesbians, transgenders, or of an unsuitable race. As a wedding couple planning either a normal or an elopement wedding ceremony in OKC, and asking for your money back because of these reasons only shows that you are homophobic or transphobic.

If you are uncomfortable with your previously booked wedding officiant officiating your wedding in OKC, because of these reasons, then you should tell them. Informing them politely and respectfully will be the best choice if you want a refund. Though it does not in any way negate the fact that you are being transphobic or homophobic.

Everyone Has a Right Against Discrimination

We all have rights against being discriminated against because of race or sexual orientation. So, finding out that your wedding officiant who you had booked for your wedding in Norman, Oklahoma City, has a different sexual orientation, is transgender, or is of a different race does not give a justification for asking for a refund. It is illegal to discriminate against them because everyone has rights.

Final Thoughts

Asking for a refund from a wedding officiant just because they are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or of an unsuitable race may be illegal in some cases. Some people also see it as being transphobic or homophobic. Instead of demanding a refund, it is best to talk to your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City and sort things out amicably.

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