How a Wedding Photographer in Oklahoma City and a Wedding Videographer in Norman, OK

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Getting someone with professional skills in wedding photography is excellent. Weddings are often seen as a celebration of love between couples. The couple is the center of attraction during a wedding. But, guests are not only looking at the couple. But also the wedding venue’s decorations and colors.

When choosing wedding decorations and colors, most couples are often confused. Trying to maintain the balance of color. It should be beautiful and soothing to the eyes without being too jarring on guests can sometimes be challenging. As a couple, asking your Photographer and videographer to help you choose isn’t bad.

Professionals that have been into wedding photography and wedding videography tend to know what will fit right. While putting what you like as the focus, they can also show you pictures or videos of other weddings they have taken shots or videos of. Looking at their portfolio will help you choose yours.

Benefits of Getting Help from a Person with Wedding Photography Skills

So, how will someone who has wedding photography Oklahoma and wedding videography Oklahoma skills help you choose your decorations and colors?

1 Their Portfolio

These people usually have a portfolio you can rely on to help you choose. The pictures they have shot, or recorded videos can help you see which color or decorations will fit your big day. Looking at this enables you to make a more informed decision.

Flipping through an album where you see a real wedding with color. It makes you think they can or cannot be what you want. It can also help you see if the color or decoration you had initially chosen will be a good fit or not.

While most couples only look at portfolios to help them hire their Photographer or videographer. It is also good to use that and settle on a decoration. This proves to be the most accessible form of research you can carry out. Alternatively, you can watch other couples’ videos and pictures. Or go on Pinterest to help you get the color you want.

2 They Consider Your Settings

You may be lucky enough that your location is where your Photographer or videographer has previously shown their professional skills by working with another couple. So, when you go with people with wedding photography Oklahoma City and wedding videography Oklahoma City skills and your location is any of the beautiful places in Oklahoma, they will help you choose.

While looking at your venue, you guys may get inspired by the perfect color palette to use. Sometimes, if you have found the perfect decoration or color palette and the venue does not fit that, it will be wise to change the venue or color. You don’t want to overstretch your budget by spending more on a venue than you should.

If you’ve already selected the ideal location, consider your color scheme with the room. You can get an idea by the colors of your reception area and its surrounds, including the walls’ color and the vintage Persian rug in the center of the room. Additionally, your colors will highlight the elements of your venue that will match rather than compete with them.

People with skills in wedding photography in Oklahoma City can help you look it over.

3 Know Your Priorities

Having someone with skills in wedding photography in Oklahoma City or wedding videography in OKC may sometimes want to change your mind from what you initially had in mind. They are professionals and have worked with several couples. But, letting them know your priorities in the decoration and color will help them factor this when coming up with ideas for you.

Assuming you have always wanted a purple color decoration. You need to tell them this and let them give you some ideas for those types of weddings with the decorations and color palette. Looking at these will help you decide if changing it should be your best move. Your priorities and what you want should be in place of not. You all will spend a long time figuring out the decorations.

4 Come Up with the Mood

Your wedding colors can also influence the theme of your wedding day. Tone palettes like wine, red and black, or emerald and gold, are preferable to light colors if you’re trying for a lot of drama. Put into consideration the feel and look you want to achieve. It could be casual, retro, contemporary, or nostalgic—and the colors that make you feel that way.

Having background knowledge of this will help your Photographer and videographer know the idea to present to you. You can alternatively look at the colors you and your partner are already drawn to. The colors and mood you people love may be just what you need to get started on the color.

5 Use a Color Wheel

Using a color wheel has been the trend these days. People that help take care of wedding ceremonies and planning, like Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, also present couples with a color wheel to choose from. The person you hired for their skills in wedding photography in Oklahoma City can help you when making this choice.

While it is generally not hard to pick a color palette, there are still some basic rules you must implement if you want it to turn out great.

Usually, colors that complement one another are almost entirely at odds with one another. Examples of this include orange and sky blue and turquoise and coral. Other successful color combinations are “neighbors,” which are similar and share a primary color: yellow and melon orange or fuchsia and rose pink. You can create a timeless color pallet by combining vivid, saturated colors with neutral, such as violet and gray or blush and gold.

Final Thoughts

Stressing about your wedding colors and decorations is normal for most couples. But videographers and photographers they choose for their big day can help. There are no rules when deciding or settling on one. Specific colors must match, like the color of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. But, they are some you don’t have to fuss about. So, choose the one you love with the help of the professionals you hire.

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