How Wedding Officiants in Edmond, Ok Can Effectively Handle the Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma

How Wedding Officiants in Edmond, Oklahoma Can Effectively Handle the Unexpected During Wedding Ceremonies in Guthrie, OK

A wedding officiant in OKC has experience in serving lifelong wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma. They surely know about the various unexpected problems, accidents and occurrences they have to experience at wedding ceremonies.

For instance, the pressure of wedding planning, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma says, may eventually take its toll on the couple, causing disputes and fights to break out. Often, a wedding minister in OKC has to counsel objective family members who can have valid or nonsensical reasons to object to the union.

Surely you’ve read of numerous wedding ceremonies where the rings rolled into the lake accidentally, just before the groom was about to slip them on her finger. Or times when the mothers of the bride were so excited or nervous, they turned up drunk at the reception, as an embarrassed wedding minister in Oklahoma City recalls.

There is also no shortage of awkward stories from wedding ministers in Oklahoma, of uncles feeling them up at ceremonies. In this article, we will discuss how a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City can effectively handle the unexpected.

1. Handling a Drunk Mother of the Bride

If such a scenario were to arise at a wedding ceremony, there are a few ways in which a wedding minister in Oklahoma City could handle it. A wedding minister in OKC could speak to the venue staff or the wedding planner and enlist their help discreetly handling the drunk mother without alerting the rest of the party.

Perhaps a marriage officiant in OKC could appoint a close family member, like the husband or son of the drunk mother, to take her away and sober her down before she causes an embarrassing situation. Another good idea is to discreetly point out the drunk mother to the bartender and let them serve a non-alcoholic beverage to the woman each time she asks for another round.

2. Calm Disputes between Couples

A marriage officiant in Oklahoma City can face a quarreling couple, even when they’re moments away from saying their vows. So what can a marriage officiant in Oklahoma do to calm them down when the wedding guests have already assembled?

For starters, the wedding minister in OKC can calmly ask the guests to remain seated or spend some time socializing before the ceremony begin. Meanwhile, the wedding officiant Oklahoma can take the couple to a private spot. Let the couple sit together quietly for a few minutes, decompressing from the stress that has built up from all the months of planning.

Next, ask them to meditate silently, holding each other’s hands, breathing in unison, and gazing into each other’s eyes. When their connection reinstates, they can share what’s causing them to react out of proportion.

Since the ceremony has not occurred yet, do their want to change their minds and save themselves from a life of compromise? Or are they willing to overcome the odds and remember their undying love for each other? The wedding minister OKC must prevent the individuals from blaming, shaming, or yelling and one another and instead calm them down.

When they’ve sorted the issues, communicated clearly, and reached an understanding, they can go ahead with the ceremony, letting love be their guide.

3. Accidently losing the Ring

It may sound like something out of a movie, but wedding rings rolling into the nearby lake have been caught on wedding photography in Oklahoma and wedding videography OKC too. Every wedding officiant in Oklahoma has had at least one experience of lost wedding rings, causing an apocalyptic panic at ceremonies.

The key to handling such a disastrous situation is for the wedding officiant in Oklahoma to remain calm, composed, and in control. They could enlist guests’ help to hunt around the ceremony space to recover the ring if the ceremony is not at a lakeside venue.

But if one did fall into a lake, then the marriage officiant OKC could ask a gracious family member, such as the mothers of the couple, to lend their ring. It would make a great story to hand down over the generations too. If not for that, then the wedding officiant of Oklahoma City could very well use the bride or groom’s engagement ring to step in for the ceremony.

4. Unexpected Bad Weather

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City know nothing can ruin a wedding like unexpected bad weather. Since they already have experience dealing with such situations, they can always suggest couples have a backup plan to counteract unforeseen weather conditions during the wedding planning.

They can also advise couples to create an emergency fund for such unexpected costs and be willing to be flexible when weather catastrophes occur. At the last minute, the most a marriage officiant in OKC can do to salvage the situation is help find a covered venue immediately, like a horse barn, a brewery, or a community hall, to accommodate last-minute venue changes.

Final Thoughts

Those who have smooth and flawless weddings are among the most fortunate couples. But every wedding minister in Oklahoma City knows there is barely a wedding ceremony they host when something doesn’t go wrong. Some even have hilarious tales of uncles trying to feel them, perhaps when caught in the romantic atmosphere of the moment.

Wedding ministers have to tackle everything effectively, from gently reprimanding unruly uncles for behaving and not causing embarrassment to containing drunk mothers. Lost rings are just another example that almost every wedding officiant in OKC has to brace against.

But with quick thinking and proactive measures, there’s a lot that marriage officiants in Oklahoma can do to overcome unforeseen problems at wedding ceremonies in Guthrie, OK.

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