Wedding Officiant to Keep in Mind for Couples with Large Age Differences

Special Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma Considerations

Special Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma Considerations for a Wedding Officiant to Keep in Mind for Couples with Large Age Differences

Special wedding ceremonies shouldn’t be new for an experienced Oklahoma wedding officiant. Any marriage officiant in Oklahoma City under a reputable wedding officiant agency like Dr. Makayla Saramosing’s Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies must have handled one or two cases that require special consideration and approach. Thus, officiating a wedding ceremony involving a couple with a large age difference shouldn’t pose much challenge.

However, for the sake of budding wedding officiants in Oklahoma City and close family members that got ordained to officiate a relative’s wedding in Oklahoma, this article reviews the things such wedding officiants in OKC should do and considerations to keep in mind when officiating the wedding ceremony of a couple with a large age difference.

Which Age Difference is Permissible in Oklahoma?

Depending on belief, tradition, and way of life, most people (like us) believe that the concept of age isn’t an essential factor in marriage. The important thing to consider is the presence or absence of love and understanding. No written laws in most of the prominent judiciary systems and religions have indicated that weddings beyond a certain age difference shouldn’t take place.

Usually, three to five years is the average age difference limit people set for themselves. However, this doesn’t make it a norm or law, it’s an individual’s choice. While men often go for women younger than them, women are usually more open-minded about their options.

You should also know that it’s not in every case that the male will be much older. There are cases where the bride is the oldest. There are also cases where the age difference exists between couples of the same sex. Irrespective of the situation, the tips below can help you get through with or without prior wedding officiating experience.

Considerations to Keep in Mind When Officiating a Wedding With a Large Age Difference

While it’s true that ‘age’ is just a number, the number determines many things ranging from style, taste, preference, beliefs, and even associations. All these form reasons for a marriage officiant in OKC to keep certain things in mind when officiating a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma involving couples with large age differences.

Here are the things the wedding minister in Oklahoma City should do or consider:

Communicate with the couple

Pre-consultation or premarital counseling (if you may) is an important starting point every wedding minister in Oklahoma must not skip. It helps you find out more about the couple’s wants, dislikes, points of disagreement, and areas they both align. This will ease your officiating duty and ensure you handle it successfully.

Communicating with couples reveals many things that are always helpful in achieving a memorable wedding ceremony and officiating experience. Backstories on how the lovers met, little secrets they want to share to make their event feel personal, challenges they overcome (to motivate others), etc., are some things that wedding ministers in OKC can get from pre-consultations.

This information allows a wedding minister in Oklahoma City to prepare a rich officiating script for the wedding ceremony. Effective communication also allows the marriage officiant to get swift approval from the couple based on the program’s order and to-do list.

Help them strike a balance on points of disagreement

Being a wedding officiant goes beyond writing scripts and planning the wedding ceremony’s order of events. It involves you being a mediator, a counselor, a witness to their union, and a mutual friend to the couple without bias. It’s important that every wedding officiant in OKC knows and accepts this fact.

A marriage officiant in Oklahoma can always help couples strike a balance when they have contrasting opinions. This might be about the wedding theme, whether the older party wants it traditional or religious, while the younger wants it secular. Love shouldn’t necessarily mean total compromise every time, and you can help ensure this as a marriage officiant.

Inculcating the two wedding themes into one so that no party feels aggrieved becomes your duty. Different views, social peers, want, and more are factors to consider to strike a balance.

Consider the activeness of the older partner

When we talk about old, how old are we referring to? The age of the older couple is another consideration to keep in mind. It helps the wedding officiant in Oklahoma optimize the whole ceremony and officiating time. A prolonged ceremony could affect the health and activeness of the older couple (depending on age). Hence, the wedding minister in OKC must consider the activeness and age of the older couple to optimize the wedding duration.

 Privacy consideration

Some couples with large age differences usually prefer a low-profile wedding ceremony to curb unnecessary attention and reduce the risk of social disapproval. This is common if the families involved aren’t cooperative and there’s much pressure on the couple.

Thus, as a reputable wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, this should form part of your consideration when choosing a venue and planning the event. Reach out to the couple to ask useful questions, and put them into use efficiently.

Speech and utterances

The marriage officiant in Oklahoma City officiating a wedding ceremony between couples with large age differences must consider the languages and utterances to use. This is because while some words are permissible and non-malicious to the younger age group, they might be too insensitive to the older couple (or vice versa).

Hence, being mindful of speech is paramount for the wedding minister. This shouldn’t be challenging if the wedding minister in OKC is experienced. Such a wedding minister can compensate for the lack of experience with prior proper research and preparation.


Love is a beautiful thing, and every wedding officiant in Oklahoma must try to strengthen lovers’ bond through premarital consultations, counseling, and satisfactory officiating of a couple’s wedding ceremony. The marriage officiant should know there’s always a way to get the best out of every situation and explore these ways effectively.

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