Can a Wedding Officiant Refuse to Work With Cats and Other Pets

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Can a Wedding Officiant Refuse to Work with Cats and Other Pets

Working as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City is hard work, and people are rarely ever willing to give them the credit they deserve for their work. At the same time, many think that the most that an officiant has to do for a wedding is to be present more in a legal capacity. And while that is certainly true, there are many more responsibilities they have to take on. They are responsible for a great deal of planning, if not all of the planning that goes into a wedding.

From arranging the dresses to finding the proper venue to making the perfect edible arrangements, wedding officiants in Oklahoma City have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to make sure everything goes well. So when a couple wants to make their pets a part of the wedding ceremony, they will first have to take it up with the wedding officiant.

The officiant will make the necessary arrangements to integrate pets into the entire show. Remember, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma will plan every wedding detail, ensuring that everything goes by perfectly. Instead of worrying if anything goes well, they will go through every situation multiple times to ensure that everything goes well. So if a couple wants to make an addition, they will first have to talk to the wedding officiant in Oklahoma.

Even though most wedding officiants are always willing to make pets a part of the full experience. Some could refuse and would sometimes even insist that they not make the pet, especially cats, part of the program. And there are many reasons why they might refuse, some of which include:

There is Not Enough Time

A wedding ceremony has a very tight schedule. Things have to happen at the exact time, with little room for adjustments. Sometimes wedding officiants have to deal with the fact that there is very little time left, so they will have to cut certain things out of the entire ceremony. And when rehearsing, everything that is going to happen at the ceremony has to go through meticulous checks to see if it will be possible to pull off when the big day comes. So during all this chaos, finding someone who could train the couple’s pet with certainty and could train them in time can be difficult.

It is especially difficult when considering how close to the actual date the couple is remembering. If there is less than a month left until the big day, then a trainer can train a dog, especially one with prior training experience. But when it comes to training a cat, it can take a little longer for the trainer to integrate them into the ceremony properly. But if they cannot make the necessary changes, then the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City might refuse to make your pet part of the program.

Guest of Honor Might Have Allergies or is Afraid

Weddings are a social affair, so it is very important for the couple, and especially the Wedding Officiant, to consider the guests in the hall as well. While they certainly can’t ask about the allergies of every guest, they should be willing to consider the possible allergies of important guests during the ceremony. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will always ask the couple if they have any specific relatives that would be allergic to something at the facility. And if that answer happens to be cats, then an officiant will usually advise that they not be part of the ceremony.

But depending on what the cat will be doing at the ceremony, they can integrate the pet still. Of course, this does carry a serious risk, as the cat could get scared and start running in the venue, and if they happen to come into contact with the guest who has allergies, it could become a very serious problem. So unless the couple is certain that their cat will be able to stay relaxed in front of the crowd, then they should continue. But the cat will not be able to stay at the venue, as the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City suggests they leave the cat back home.

The Cat Might Be Too Aggressive

All cats have very different personalities, with some being very gentle and loving and some being aggressive and bossy. Aggressive and bossy cats can usually be very difficult to deal with since they do not do training or handle them very easily. Furthermore, unlike more gentle cats, even if aggressive cats tend to run away, they’re not willing to listen to anyone when they are trying to run. So in a tense situation, catching them can be very difficult.

As for training them, they can often be unresponsive or can bite or scratch the trainer. But even if a trainer is willing to work with them, there could be the issue that there is not enough time for the cat to receive sufficient training, which could lead to problems in the event. During these situations, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City could refuse to work with a  pet, especially cats, which can be difficult to deal with.

Finding the Right Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City

A wedding officiant in OKC is responsible for various important parts of a wedding, so always having the best one. As part of the widespread LGBTQA+ community, Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing are glad to announce that they serve as wedding officiants in Oklahoma City. Offering wedding photography and wedding videography in Oklahoma City, they become a part of your big celebration in the most compassionate way.

Contact them today to be a part of your LGBTQA+ associated wedding ceremony. Dr. Tinsley and Dr. Makayla at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies can be your wedding officiant in OKC.

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