How to Officiate a Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma City for Two Cats

Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma City for Two Cats

As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, you will face some unconventional wedding ceremonies. These wedding ceremonies in Oklahoma City add to your experience and help you become a top wedding officiant in OKC,  like Dr. Makayla Saramosing of Lifelong Wedding Ceremony.

Hence, you should be able to embrace the challenge of unconventional wedding ceremonies like officiating cats’ weddings. Animal wedding ceremonies are becoming a thing now, and this article should help if you’re trying it for the first time.

Officiate a Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma City for Two CATs — A Guide by a Wedding officiant in Norman Oklahoma

Every professional wedding minister in Oklahoma City had their share of nervousness and anxiety when trying out an unconventional wedding the first time. If you’re feeling the same, too, it is normal. See this as a sign that you’re stepping up to be a great wedding minister in OKC. According to most marriage officiants in Oklahoma City, officiating a cat wedding follows the same principles as humans but with a little extra stress.

Feline nuptials (cat weddings) are usually beautiful to behold. It’s a delight for every wedding minister in Oklahoma City to officiate such a wedding ceremony, and you must give it your best shot. Plan properly and consider everything; don’t just leap into it. The fact that you’re here shows that you’re making efforts with your plans, and without further ado, we dive into officiating a wedding ceremony in Oklahoma for two cats.

As a wedding minister in OKC, you should consider certain things before officiating a feline nuptial. They are:

  • Consider the law’s disposition — Luckily, no section of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or other law guiding wedding officiant and marriage in Oklahoma outrightly kicks against cat weddings.

Cats aren’t the only pets that get married; dogs do too. Since both animals share certain similarities, and there’s no prohibition on dog marriage, you can proceed with your officiating duties as a marriage officiant.

  • Know more about the cats — You need to get as much information as possible from your clients to avoid costly mistakes. Cats are very vocal about their likes and dislikes, and pet owners (your clients) should know about this.

Ask about preferred colors, allergies, and dwell more on the don’ts. This will help you pick the right theme, decor, and treats. You’ll also know what to avoid.

  • Consider the weather — Cats are generally weather-sensitive. Thus, you should consider this when deliberating on the type of wedding (outdoor or indoor) with the pet owners.
  • Avoid Triggers — It’s necessary to do away with anything that can cause the cats to behave irrationally, whether visual, sound, smell, or stimulation. An example is the mint scent that could cause sedation or make them hyper.
  • Choose a Suitable Venue

Experienced marriage officiants in Oklahoma believe a wedding venue can make or mar the wedding ceremony. To avoid the latter, find a pet-friendly venue to host the wedding and allow guests to bring their cats.

A cat wedding isn’t complete without cats in attendance. Hence, avoid venues that restrict the number of pets allowed or those that do not allow them. Another factor to consider when choosing the venue is proximity and affordability. You must liaise with your clients when taking this decision.

Use your experience as a wedding minister in Oklahoma City to make recommendations, or leverage your network for referrals. The venue must be well-decorated, and the theme should reflect the day’s business — Felines nuputal.

  • Ensure the Cats are Well Styled

Cats are cute, and two cats having their wedding ceremony should be cuter. You should ensure your clients have the cats well-groomed and dressed to be the most beautiful at the venue. It’s their day, and you must do everything to put the spotlight on them. Tom must turn heads, while the Queen must look like the royal she is. You may have to stop other felines from chasing after the groom and bride.

  • Ensure Carefully Selected Cat Treats are in Abundance

Let other cats wine and dine as they witness the holy catrimony of their fellow feline companion. Ensure that cats’ favorite items are available at weddings — milk bowls, cat snacks, specially prepared meat or fish if possible, etc. You should seek the client’s help to create purr-sonalized treats for the feline guests.

Having an abundance of available treats is another way to keep the cats happy and well-behaved rather than rowdy, timid, or fidgety. Pay close attention to the venue arrangements. You want the pets to be well-behaved while ensuring their energy matches that of the couple and the human guests. Proper arrangement and refreshments will help you achieve this.

  • Make it Memorable with Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography.

If human wedding ceremonies need wedding videography in Oklahoma City and wedding photography in Oklahoma City, why should the cat’s own be Different? Show your professionalism as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City by arranging wedding videography and wedding photography coverage of the event. Every wedding videographer in OKC and wedding videographer in Oklahoma City will be proud to cover such a beautiful event.

The video and pictures can help the feline couple preserve their memories. Publicizing such weddings can inspire more and more cat wedding ceremonies, providing experienced wedding ministers in Oklahoma with more opportunities.

  • Time is an Essential Factor

The ceremony might fail after doing the above things right if the time isn’t suitable for the pets. The nature and system of humans are different from feline companions. Thus, you should work with your client to determine when the cats are in their best mood for such an event. Also, ensure the duration of the whole ceremony isn’t longer than usual. A prolonged event could make the cats tired. You should streamline your program’s order and keep everything short and simple.


Every wedding officiant in Oklahoma City needs to know that working with your client makes your work easier. Ask questions on things you’re not clear about, make suggestions, and don’t just do what you feel is right. Organizing a cat wedding can be a fun-filled experience for a wedding minister in Oklahoma. It only requires teamwork and dedication.

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