Officiating Wedding Ceremonies in Severely Inclement Weather: Should a Wedding Officiant in Yukon, OK Risk it?

Wedding Ceremonies in Severely Inclement Weather

As a wedding officiant Oklahoma, you have a lot of responsibilities to ensure that the wedding goes as perfectly as it can, from the ring bearings to the vows. The whole event itself is reliable for a wedding officiant OKC to handle.

But what happens when you’re all prepared for the day, but suddenly Mother Nature decides to intervene on the couple’s happiest day? As a wedding officiant Oklahoma City, the responsibility is put on you on whether it’s okay for a wedding to be celebrated when it is severely inclement weather.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at what it means to have a wedding on a rainy day as conducted by the wedding officiant Oklahoma City, what having a wedding in inclement weather, and what 10 tips should the wedding officiant Oklahoma keep in mind planning a wedding on a rainy day.

What It Means To Have a Wedding in an Inclement Weather

Many people assume that having an event on a rainy day is bad luck and is dangerous to host any events on that day. wedding officiant Oklahoma City, the power to make a judgment is in your hands, whether you should continue with a rainy day wedding or should you as a wedding officiant Oklahoma postpone the wedding to another day.

However, as superstitious as it is, rain doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing. Instead, most culture in our society believes that rain brings peace and prosperity to society. These cultures take the intervention of Mother Nature as a sign from god that the event is accepted and blessed with good luck.

Marriage officiant Oklahoma must consider the severity of the weather and make decisions based on those aspects. If the weather is too severe to be worked with, it’s better to take your chances of safety into consideration over hosting a wedding in an environment deemed damaging.

However, rain or snowfall that isn’t deemed to be a hazard can allow individuals to take their time in celebrating the event. As a wedding officiant Oklahoma City, you can give a clear to the couple to make use of the weather and get some good pictures and memories out of it.

What It Signifies

Inclement weather signifies both a positive and negative meaning. But for the matter, a wedding officiant Oklahoma should consider the weather as a sign of good luck as it brings out warmth and unity among the people who give all their effort to ensure the environment around them is filled with love and happiness.

Here are 5 aspects of changing weather that can affect the wedding day:

1. Cleansing

The toughness and pain of your last before your big day are cleansed from the effects it caused you to hurt or caused you to shed a tear. It helps cleanse your past grief and trauma and lets you step into a new chapter of your life.

2. Unity

It signifies that your marriage is going to last longer. As a wedding officiant Oklahoma City, it’s tasked as your duty to communicate the meanings to the couple, to let them know how well the marriage will last for them.

3. Renewal

The day can be taken as a new step into the life the couple will adventure. Rain or snowfall can be seen as a green light to help move forward with their lives with happiness.

4. Fertility

Rain and other weather changes usually mean that the couple will be blessed with fertility, the ability to have children be blessed into their lives.

5. Tears

It also means that the bride will shed the last tear of her life as she goes towards a life filled with happiness and contentment.

Tips for rainy weather wedding day

Here are some useful tips for the wedding officiant Oklahoma to keep in mind when it comes to preparing for the wedding in severely inclement weather:

1. Rent a Clear Tent

By renting a clear tent, you can set the aesthetics of the rainy weather. It can help see the scenery around the event in the perfect lighting of Mother Nature blessing the couple with her gifts, encouraging more people to join the event’s mood, and taking pictures to preserve the memories spent together.

2. Keep Guests Updated

A marriage officiant Oklahoma should alert the guests on what to expect on the wedding day, from rain to how they’ll manage the whole event; this is to ensure that no one worries and misses out on the big event of the couple’s lives.

3.      Plan Ahead

Make sure to plan ahead of the wedding day. As a wedding officiant Oklahoma, you must ensure that everything happens at the right time and that the wedding minister Oklahoma should consider what to expect on the wedding day.

4. Work with Vendors

Make sure to alert the vendors on the weather conditions on the day of the event so that no one can hang up last minute saying how it wasn’t expected so that they couldn’t prepare for the sudden changes in the weather.

5. Take Advantage of photos.

Photos in the lighting of a rainy day are highly beneficial as it is an unforgettable moment that Mother Nature decided to come to the wedding of the couple as well, send her gifts to them in the form of rain and snowfall.

6. Keep Forecast Updated

The wedding minister Oklahoma should take into account the changes in the weather so that if there is more likely to be severity in the rainfall or snowfall, it’s better to take shelter and wait till the weather has calmed down to ensure the safety of everyone.

7. Give Out Umbrellas

As a wedding officiant, you must ensure everyone’s safety and that no one is caught in the path of weather changes that are occurring.

8. Create a Warm Environment

A warm environment will help everyone feel cozy and fill them with joy instead of concern when it comes to having a wedding on a severely inclement weather day.


A wedding officiant holds a right over everyone’s presence on the couple’s wedding day. Whoever the couple chooses to be at their wedding minister Oklahoma should be considered a lucky person as a wedding officiant is chosen to bless the two spouses.

It entirely depends on the wedding officiant on whether the wedding should be conducted on a severely inclement weather day, mostly regarding how severe it is. If it’s a light rugged, it should be conducted, or it’s better to avoid risking it if it gets too dangerous.

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