Uncle Clarence Thomas’ Warning to the LGBTQIA+ Community About Nullifying Their Marriage Equality Rights

Uncle Clarence Thomas' Warning to the LGBTQIA

Uncle Clarence Thomas’ Warning to the LGBTQIA+ Community About Nullifying Their Marriage Equality Rights and How Wedding Officiants in Edmond, Oklahoma Can Protest and Advocate for Change

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City have always had to be updated about the United State laws, particularly those dealing with marriage rights and choices. The fights and struggles of some reputable wedding officiants in OKC over the years for wide recognition and acceptance of the LGBTQIA community came under threat this previous week when Justice Clarence Thomas called on the Supreme Court to reconsider their pasting rulings codifying rights contraception access, as well as same-sex marriage or relationship.

This came barely hours after the court revoked its ruling on abortion rights. The suggestion from the court’s longest-serving Justice has been met with contrasting reactions, most of which haven’t been positive, especially in the LGBTQIA community and amongst top wedding officiants cum activists like Dr. Makayla Saramosing of Lifelong Wedding Ceremony wedding officiant agency in Oklahoma.

While it doesn’t look like the suggestion of the Justice will be given serious consideration, the statement comes as a great threat to existing marriage equality rights that most wedding officiants in Oklahoma City and other states in the U.S have constantly fought and clamored for. Thus, wedding officiants in Oklahoma must protest against this and keep advocating for marriage equality across all states.

This article considers ways the wedding officiants in OKC can go about protesting and advocating effectively without breaking law and order. We look into them below:

Boycott and Sanctions

A United front is needed to protect, uphold, and advocate same-sex marriage. Hence, the association of wedding officiant agencies in Oklahoma City must urge wedding couples (same-sex or otherwise) to boycott any wedding officiant agency in Oklahoma that refuses to officiate same-sex weddings.

Imposing strict sanctions is another way to ensure everyone is on the same page towards upholding marriage equality. It sends a strong message of unity and gives no place of relevance to suggestions like that of Justice Clarence Thomas going forward.

Same-sex couples should look out for wedding officiants who advocate for the movement through referrals or online searches.

Periodic Solidarity Walk

This is another way to advocate for marriage equality and protest against any policy implementation that can threaten it. Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City can periodically organize solidarity walks with the LGBTQIA community and other concerned groups or agencies.

The goal is to display peaceful co-existence and acceptance, increase awareness, and advocate for equality. This will empower more same-sex couples to be proud of their union in and out of their comfort zones.

The periodic solidarity walk by wedding officiants in Oklahoma City and other marriage equality advocates will promote same-sex marriage’s adoption level and encourage individuals to be proud of their choices.

 Social Media Campaign

Social media platforms allow you to reach millions of individuals globally at once. A massive social media campaign, sensitization, and awareness on the rights of same-sex couples, and other essential things related to it, is another way to advocate for the cause.

Social media campaigns can’t be restricted or sabotaged. This makes it a preferable place for wedding ministers in Oklahoma to strongly protest against any suggestions or policies that go against marriage equality or freedom of choice.

Periodic trending of hashtags on Twitter, sensitization across other platforms, etc., are ways marriage ministers in Oklahoma City can effectively leverage social media for advocacy and protest.

Encourage Publicizing Same-sex Wedding Ceremony

If possible, wedding ministers in OKC should encourage same-sex couples to decide against discreet wedding ceremonies. Although it is all based on choice as different-sex married couples sometimes choose discreet wedding ceremonies. However, it’s another way to advocate, promote, and show how beautiful same-sex wedding ceremonies can be.

Implementing wedding photography in Oklahoma, wedding videography in Oklahoma, and other features that can publicize the wedding and make it memorable is a strong advocating strategy. It helps make the wedding memorable while passing a strong message across.

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City, OK, must streamline the wedding ceremony plans so that there’d be a section for same-sex couples to share their stories, struggles, and how they navigated through the lack of acceptance phase before being finally able to tie the knot. Such moments should be recorded brilliantly by the wedding videographer in Oklahoma and publicized after the ceremony to encourage others.

 Discounts on Service Charges

Marriage officiants in Oklahoma City can encourage same-sex marriage by offering them discounts on service charges. This is another way to show solidarity and support, at least for the time being. Strong messages from marriage officiants in OKC provide physical and emotional support to members of the LGBTQIA community.

This prompts them to be more confident and proud to show off their inclination towards the LGBTQIA race. It also projects strong fronts to the government and other authorities, minimizing any possible threat to marriage equality rights.

Get Solidarity/Support Messages From Influential People

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City and marriage officiant agencies in Oklahoma can leverage the solidarity of important public figures to send a strong message of hope and support to the LGBTQIA community and other communities that feel marginalized with one marriage reformation or the other.

Like the influential Justice Thomas has called for reconsideration, the Oklahoma wedding ministers can amplify a counter opinion from influential and reputable figures. This gives more credibility and support to the advocacy and protest.

What Justice Clearance Thomas Means to The LGBTQIA Community

The statement of the longest-serving Court Justice on Friday, 15th of July, 2022, calling for the Supreme Court to reconsider same-sex marriage, strongly indicates that accepting the LGBTQIA community isn’t widespread. Despite years of struggle and advocacy, there is still some group of people who feels the government shouldn’t legalize same-sex marriage.

Thus, the LGBTQIA community and wedding officiants in Oklahoma City must not relent. Fights are far from being over. Continuous advocacy, sensitization, and protest against marginalization are vital to maintaining equality’s status quo.


Wedding officiants in Oklahoma and wedding officiant agencies in OKC have a huge role in advocacy for marriage equality. The steps mentioned above can bring positive impacts if done effectively with the right intentions.

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