Premarital Counselor in Oklahoma City: How to Handle it When One Future Spouse Feels Pressured Into Marriage

Premarital Counselor Pressured Into Marriage

Marriage is an important life decision, and every individual looking to travel down that path needs all the help and advice they can get. Speaking with experienced friends and family members may offer little help, but it’s most advisable to consult professionals in the field.

Premarital counselors are trained and experienced in providing premarital counseling in OKC for couples intending to tie the knots. Premarital counseling in Oklahoma City, OK, is an essential step before walking down the aisle with your partner, especially if there are cases like one person feeling pressured into marriage.

Getting married shouldn’t be a one-person decision. Both parties need to agree on that decision to ensure the marriage’s success, bliss, and longevity. Hence, you and your partner strongly need effective premarital counseling in OKC, OK, if any of you is feeling pressured into marriage.

Premarital counselors in Oklahoma City providing premarital counseling in Oklahoma for about-to-wed couples must be experienced and licensed to practice the profession. A professional premarital counselor should be able to guide you and your future spouse through this hurdle and help you make the best decisions for both of you.

Below are ways of handling the delicate situation if one’s future spouse feels pressured into marriage:

Effective Communication

Before deciding on premarital counseling in Edmond, Oklahoma, you and your partner should first have a tell-it-all conversation about the whole issue. Open communication can help you understand the other person’s mindset and make your own clear for your partner to understand. You get to see the reasons why your partner feels it’s not the best time for them to settle down, and decide whether it’s convincing enough for you.

One of the most important things about the communication approach is that you must be willing to respect your partner’s opinion without trying to impose yours on them. This can help you gain a sense of clarity and reach a reasonable conclusion.

Don’t Be Manipulative

Being manipulative is like piling more pressure on your partner. The result of this isn’t always satisfactory. Marriage is sweet only if both parties are on the same page. Hence, ensure that the decision to continue the marriage process or put it on hold was naturally agreed on by both parties and not influenced. This is the only true path to achieving genuine happiness.

Be Willing to Compromise

Sacrifices and compromises is a two-way thing, it shouldn’t be one-sided. Nevertheless, start the discussion about the marriage plans with an open mind. This makes it easier to see things from your partner’s perspective. Making up your mind on a particular decision reduces the risk of having the best possible outcome from the dialogue.

Give the Break if Demanded or If needed

Being apart for a while may give both parties the clarity to make the best decision. It may even ease the pressure and put your future spouse in the best state to proceed with the marriage.

The break allows both parties to focus on themselves and think of the best personal decisions. If the break never ends, it will only be a proof that proceeding with the marriage would’ve been the worst decision. If it does, it will most likely lead to a satisfactory ending.

Thus, you shouldn’t be afraid to take this decision if it feels like the best option. The most important thing is to ensure it’s suggested courteously and both parties agree to the break without resentment.

Seek a New Perspective

While you and your partner may be approaching the situation from one direction, someone outside your relationship may have a fresh perspective to view it. This makes seeking advice from experience and trusted close family members (especially older ones) a welcome idea. It can help put the situation under control and open your minds to hidden factors you both aren’t considering, which can aid your decision-making or somewhat ease the pressure.

Seek Professional Advice

This is the point where you and your partner need the service of a premarital counselor in Edmond, OK. An experienced premarital counselor will guide you and provide you with the needed premarital counseling Edmond, OK, to know what’s best for you and your spouse.

It’s not the duty of a premarital counselor  to instruct you on what to do or what’s best, but they can help you discover what you think is best for you and provide you with mental support to follow your decision.

Premarital counseling in OKC with a professional premarital counselor is preferred to seeking fresh perspective from close family members because of the unbiased nature of the counseling.

Try to Eliminate/Mitigate the Cause of the Pressure

This may be the ultimate solution following the application of the other ones above. Achieving this takes collective and cooperative efforts from you and your partner. Effective communication, guidance, and advice should help identify why your partner thinks it’s not yet time to tie the knot.

Hence, both of you can focus on eliminating that cause. There are a lot of common causes, including finances, mental stability, phobia, family issues, etc. Finding a solution to these causes eases the pressure on your partner, and gradually prepare them mentally.  t

Possible solutions to these problems may include getting a job, going for therapy or premarital counseling in Oklahoma, finding a mediator to settle family issues, amongst others. This  help eliminate/mitigate the cause of the pressure and consequently reduces the pressure.


Premarital counseling in Oklahoma City, OK, is essential for every about-to-wed partner. It guides them in approaching every situation to get the best from it. Every relationship and intended unions have challenges, and handling these challenges determines how quick and efficient they get resolved.

The tips mentioned above should help handle marriage pressure effectively, especially seeking professional advice from a premarital counselor in OKC. Premarital counseling ensures couples don’t make rash decisions. It equips them with everything needed to have a peaceful wedding ceremony and a harmonious marriage.

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