The Role of Therapy Cats in Premarital Counseling and Counseling Services

Pets Part of the Wedding

The Role of Therapy Cats in Premarital Counseling and Counseling Services by a Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma City, OK

Getting married sometimes comes with several knotty situations and challenges that can make it seem impossible. These challenges may be directly from you or your partner. Irrespective, they leave you stressed, frustrated, and sometimes mentally drained. This is where having a wedding officiant in Oklahoma that double as a premarital counselor offering premarital counseling in OKC comes in handy.

It’s not common to have a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City offer premarital counseling in Oklahoma City. However, if you’re lucky enough to have one, you’re halfway through dealing with all the stress and tension getting married can bring. Professional wedding officiants in OKC ensure your wedding goes well and give valuable guidance that comes in handy in marriage during their premarital counseling session.

Different wedding ministers in OKC have unique approaches to premarital counseling in Oklahoma City. While some use basic consultancy techniques, others combine it with therapy, using therapy cats for various beneficial uses. This article looks into how therapy cats fit into premarital counseling in Oklahoma and their role.

Benefits/Role of Therapy Cats in Premarital Counseling by Wedding Officiant Oklahoma

While it’s not commonplace to see a premarital counselor have a therapy cat during premarital counseling services, it’s not impossible. Below are things wedding minister in OKC offering premarital counseling uses therapy cats for during counseling:

They Aid in Stress Reduction

The premarital stage can be stressful, taking its toll on a couple’s mental health. To ease this stress, a marriage officiant in Oklahoma can decide to have a therapy cat around during premarital counseling. Therapy cats are known for helping individuals cope with stress and anxiety and improving mental well-being. This function is needed for couples that have passed through all the emotions before opting for a premarital counseling service.

Usually, some marriage officiants in Oklahoma allow couple’s have allotted time to play with a therapy cat together or separately before or after the main premarital counseling with the wedding officiant. This helps the couple remain calm and relaxed, reducing the impact of the emotional stress that comes with it.

They Can Initiate Needed Distraction

Sometimes, premarital counseling gets too serious and tense, and a distraction may be needed to ease tension. Therapy cats can help with this naturally. They tend to demand attention at intervals, which helps reduce the tense atmosphere. Premarital counseling is about listening to a wedding minister in Oklahoma give nuggets or accounts of her experience alone. It requires you and your partner to let us know your fears, insecurities, and reservations. Doing this can be emotional and intense, and cats can give you that needed distraction to ease the emotion or tension.

Special Use

While this technique may not apply to every wedding officiant agency in Oklahoma, including Dr. Saramosing Lifelong wedding officiants, some wedding officiants in OKC have tested and trusted it during premarital counseling in Oklahoma.

Marriage officiants in Oklahoma City usually leave couples separately with a therapy cat to let out their hearts. Therapy cats have great listening ears, and talking to them feels soothing and relaxing. Hence, some wedding ministers in OKC use these methods to get clients to let out their true emotions.

You might be thinking about how then the cat’s relay messages passed. The wedding officiant that uses this method agrees to use audio recording devices with the clients’ consent. The absence of other individuals, the presence of a warm and receptive feline companion, and no change of countenance from your partner are perfect recipes for letting out emotions without holding back, especially when you have cats with great listening ability.

Enhances Productivity

Beyond helping couples deal with mental stress during premarital counseling, therapy cats are also advantageous to the wedding officiant Oklahoma offering premarital counseling. Therapy cats are known for their healing powers through purring and how they help with cardiovascular health.

This ensures that a marriage officiant in Oklahoma offering premarital counseling services stays healthy with a sharp mind and no stress or anxiety. Being in your best state while working improves productivity and efficiency, and therapy cats help achieve that.

A troubled mind and stressed self can’t give proper advice and useful guidance. But with therapy cats around to help reduce stress, and anxiety, heal pains through purring and improve the state of cardiovascular health, one would be in the best state to work.

Reduce loneliness

There are times when a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City offering premarital counseling services would be alone in the office without clients to attend to. This may be a relaxing time or time to go over the cases at hand.

Not having anyone around could make such a period boring and laborious for such a wedding minister, OKC. However, with a therapy cat around, the premarital counselor in Oklahoma City can take a break at intervals to interact with the cat. This makes the period more fun and easier to get through.

Some premarital counselors in Oklahoma usually give couples therapy cats during counseling sessions to nurture and train as pets together. The idea is like having an experience of trying to raise kids together. The groom and bride-to-be are given a stipulated time frame to raise the cat as a pet. They are to note whether it helps them discover more common interests or conflicting wants. It could also help them discover a part of them they’re yet to reconnect with. This short test usually requires the couples to grade themselves if they’ve done well or not. The affection of the test cats to them or vice versa are some criteria a premarital counselor will use to judge. Some couples adopt their test cat as a pet, while some test cats show visible signs of not being properly cared for by other couples.


The role therapy cats play in premarital counseling in Oklahoma depends on the wedding officiant’s technique, skills, and discretion in Oklahoma City performing the premarital counseling services. One general thing is that the cats help reduce anxiety, stress, loneliness, and general mental and body well-being. This makes them a nice pet to keep around the office or home.

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