Ministers Halt Weddings Mid-Ceremony

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Hello, and  Welcome back to our YouTube channel today.  Being here we know that you love weddings which we try to keep you informed about. I’m Makayla, a wedding officiant. Today, a marriage officiant shares 5 times an ordained minister stopped the wedding mid-ceremony.  So, don’t touch the dial if you want in on the drama, sit tight and enjoy. Don’t forget that, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant you can reach out to us at (405) 696-6450”

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Introduction to the video

Wedding days are what most people look forward to all their lives, but sometimes the unexpected can happen, especially when an ordained minister stops the wedding mid-ceremony. There are usually unforeseen circumstances or moral obligations that prompt these decisions and a marriage officiant will be sharing some of them:

1. The Hidden Past

According to a wedding minister in Midwest City, Oklahoma the first time she stopped a wedding from going on was when they discovered that the groom has a hidden past. A man cannot statutorily get married to more than one wife at a particular time unless he has been divorced or his marriage has been annulled. So, the marriage was stopped when the intending bride and the marriage officiant discovered that the groom had a secret wife and children. It was stopped on both legal and Christian principles.

2. Family Feud

The second time an ordained wedding minister in Tulsa, OK has stopped a wedding mid-ceremony was because of a family feud. It got to the attention of the wedding minister that there was a long-standing family feud that would only threaten the couple because of the threatening behavior he witnessed. There was a disruption during the wedding ceremony, the wedding ceremony was hostile and unsafe because of family members and the couples genuinely looked scared thereby prompting the decision to halt the wedding.

3. Underage Bride

A wedding minister discovered that the bride was underaged and not only that, there was no parental and family consent to the wedding. The decision of the marriage officiant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma was based on the fact that the wedding minister considered the power imbalance in such a relationship. He also worried about the bride’s maturity, autonomy to enter into such a marriage, and if she was coerced and is afraid of speaking out.

4. Forced Marriage

A wedding minister in Nichols Hills realized the bride was being coerced into the marriage and stopped the ceremony, prioritizing her safety and well-being. The reason is that marriage is a lifetime commitment that must be entered into willingly. Parties must not be coerced, forced, manipulated, or cajoled into getting married. A wedding minister in Altus would not want to wed a couple only to discover that something bad had happened to them because they were looking for a way out. So, when the wedding officiant noticed how uneasy the bride was and the sign for help that she made, the wedding minister declared that he would not be officiating the wedding ceremony anymore which bought the intending bride time to plan her escape.

5. Unresolved Issues

A minister sensed unresolved issues between the couple and halted the ceremony, encouraging them to seek counseling before proceeding. The reason is that so many couples enter into marriage without resolving issues that only end up threatening their marriage down the line, sometimes leading to a divorce. So, when the wedding minister noticed how the couple were arguing furiously before th exchange of vows, and after talking to them to find out what the issue could be, she advised them to sort their issues out before proceeding to get married or reach out to a marriage counselor.


These instances are surprising because you hired a wedding officiant in Del City, Oklahoma to officiate your wedding and not to stop it. But, it also shows that marriage officiants take their role seriously and have ethical and moral standards they must comply with while doing their work. Before a marriage takes place, a marriage officiant near me must ensure that the couple is willingly consenting to the marriage. These unexpected twists in these wedding ceremonies show that marriage is a sacred institution and must not be trifled with. At Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, we are interested in your big day turning out great and memorable. So, to get the services of a professional wedding officiant with a proven track record, reach out to us at and, you can also call or text us at (405) 696-6450. Do not forget to like, share, and subscribe for more informative content.

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