Why Some Wedding Officiants in Oklahoma Insist on Making Pets Part of the Wedding

Making Pets Part of the Wedding

Pets make for very adorable companions in homes and are especially great when helping people better handle their emotions. They can help people calm down and manage their stress while alleviating mood and ensuring that you are happy all the time. All in all, pets are always great to have around and can make your day just that much better. And that is exactly why wedding officiants in OKC always insist their couples make their pets a part of their ceremony.

A wedding officiant in OKC’s job revolves around giving the marrying couple the best possible wedding that they can imagine. And many of them will go to extreme lengths to do so, as long as possible within the couple’s budget. Whether it’s finding the perfect wedding photographer in OKC or helping them rehearse their best lines and the entire day, they will do whatever is necessary to make the day more special. One of the best ways to do that, of course, is by making the couple’s pet part of the ceremony.

Not only do pets make for wonderfully cute additions to the entire marriage, but the wedding officiant in Oklahoma City can also assign them a certain task. They can make for an active part of the big day, but the best thing about it is that they can also dress the pets up in adorable suits or dresses. A wedding is one of the best excuses to see your cat or dog in an adorable tux or a pretty dress, which can make the celebration so much more exciting.

Now you may be wondering, “even if I want my cat or dog to be a part of the proceedings, what would they do?” and when working with an experienced wedding officiant in Oklahoma, they can offer a multitude of suggestions on how to go about the wedding in style.

A Few Suggestions On How To Include Your Pets Into The Ceremony

While a wedding officiant in OKC always insists that pets should be part of the wedding proceedings, for many couples, it comes as a prerequisite. The couple might have raised the pet together, or they just don’t want to leave the most important part of their family out of the wedding. Either way, they can also insist on including their pets within the ceremony.

Lucky for them, wedding officiants in OKC always have a few tricks up their sleeves to incorporate your pet into the ceremony. Spoiler Alert!!!! All of them are going to be super cute.

Make Them the Ring Bearer

One of the most important tasks anyone can have at a wedding is the ring bearer. Since they will be bringing in the rings for the couple, the couple needs to choose the right person for the job. Usually, people choose a ring bearer who is a sibling of either spouse, as they always make for a cute ring bearer. But a wedding officiant in Oklahoma would rather suggest that the ring bearer be the couple’s regardless of how big or small they might be.

Pets that act as ring bearers are always the cutest, as they have to put on a suit or dress and walk down the aisle bringing the rings to the couple. It is very cute, especially if the pet is a cat. Granted, they can be the hardest to train to walk straight down the aisle slowly, but it is well worth the extra effort, as even wedding officiants in Oklahoma City approve. You could even make them wear a small bowtie, which can make them look infinitely cuter.

Make Them the Flower Girl or Boy

Another great suggestion is to make your pet the flower girl or boy of the ceremony, making it the event’s highlight. As the flower girl or boy, your pet walks down the aisle before you spread flowers everywhere. It is one of the cutest ways to integrate your pet into the proceedings, which is why many wedding officiants in OKC recommend it.

However, there is one thing that is worth considering, and that is the height of your pet. This is usually a good task for bigger dogs that can better manage the extra weight and easy walk down the aisle. Walking with them could be smaller kids who spread the followers with the dog. It is cute and is an absolute favorite amongst all couples for just how fun it looks.

It helps that making them the flower girl or boy can leave give them a more involving task, making them feel like a bigger part of the ceremony. That extra attention is sure to make your wedding stand out for its incredible choices. Overall, you won’t be having a bad time deciding to make your pet the flower girl or boy for the event.

Finding the Right Wedding Officiant in OKC

A wedding officiant in OKC plays more than just a legal role on your big day. They are also responsible for many other things that will make your big day even more special. And when working with marriage officiants in lifelong ceremonies, you will certainly be having a good time. We take our responsibilities as officiants very seriously, ensuring that you get the best celebration that you can while considering your budget.

We offer various services like rehearsing your wedding or finding the right wedding photographer in OKC. Our photographers can take those excellent pictures that can help your marriage stand out. We can even help you decide on a wedding venue, ensuring your special day is even better with the inclusion of a great location.

Finally, if you have second thoughts about anything, Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing can help you make a better decision. Through our marriage counseling services, we ensure that you are at complete ease when deciding on everything about your wedding day.

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