How To Have The Most Eco-Friendly And Zero Waste Wedding Possible!

Wedding waste is a phenomenon anyone who has ever attended a wedding or been married will completely understand. Wedding ceremonies usually involve a lot of decor, expensive and wasteful wedding attire, a lot of food and many other little forms of trash that ultimately add up to a lot. You may think that no matter what you do, it is impossible to have a zero waste wedding. But it is very much possible!

Here is how you can have the most Eco-friendly and zero waste wedding possible.

E-Invites or Wedding Groups

An extremely easy first step towards a green wedding is to send out e-invitations rather than sending out paper invites, or sending a limited number of them such as to elders or to your wedding officiant. The less paper is used to create invitations the less trees have to be cut down, so keep that in mind. Also, it is much easier to RSVP online than through the post anyway.

All Natural Wedding Gown/Suit

First and foremost, talk to your wedding officiant from Oklahoma City about the theme or the kind of wedding you are hoping to achieve, so that they may include something about sustainability during the ceremony to make what you are doing even more meaningful. That being said, you can both get a good wedding dress or suit made and donate it, so that you can put it to use, rather than keeping it untouched/stashed at the back of your closet Orin a landfill. You can try out second hand options or rent out your wedding attire. Another interesting thing you can opt for is an outfit made out of natural fabrics, and made in a way that you can wear it even after the wedding day. The same goes for decor, you should try to use second hand decor for your big day to limit waste.

Combating Food Wastage

Wedding food wastage is one of the most prevalent problems that weddings pose. Just like it is important for you to discuss about your zero waste wedding with your wedding officiant from Oklahoma, it is just as important to discuss it with your vendors, as they may have experience with green weddings and can help you. Through composting and limiting the guest list, you can easily reduce and recycle wedding food waste. Most importantly, donate all the leftover food to those in need, to truly keep the spirit of sustainability alive during and after your wedding day.

Surely, your wedding officiant from OKC would love the prospect of a green wedding, and would help in any way to make it possible for you, and would value and respect all of your wishes. So do not lose hope or become disheartened if you do feel like having a green wedding is difficult, as even trying to be the least bit sustainable goes a long way.

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