Etiquette Tips for the Perfect Wedding Ceremony in Edmond, Oklc

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Etiquette Tips for the Perfect Wedding Ceremony in Edmond, Oklahoma from a Wedding Officiant in Moore, Oklahoma


The highlight of every wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the commitment to belong to each other for life and to be together for better or worse. But while the couple is engrossed in each other as they say their vows, one has to be careful about following all necessary etiquettes and wedding protocols.

Nobody can be a better authority on the subject than a wedding officiant in Oklahoma. If you want your wedding ceremony in Oklahoma to go the right way, ask a wedding minister in Oklahoma to educate you on ceremony etiquette first.

A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City shares the following etiquette tips for the most beautiful wedding ceremony.

1.      A Plus-One

A wedding minister in Oklahoma City advises couples to be very specific about the plus one factor of their ceremony. It is important to draw a line if you don’t want gatecrashing guests at the ceremony. For instance, a wedding minister in OKC says the best rule they have seen in their tenure is to allow engaged or married couples to bring a date and stick to that rule no matter what.

However, if you don’t want to come off as a very strict host, you can instead address it very clearly in the wedding invitations. A wedding officiant says putting the guest’s name, and the name of their date on the invitation is a great way of being clear about who is invited only.

If you want to keep a limited guest count to save the budget for wedding videography in OKC and wedding photography in Oklahoma, you may invite solo guests too. There’s no harm in being upfront if your guests complain. You could mention the reasons with your friends and why you choose to have a controlled guest count.

2.      Wedding Photography in OKC after the Ceremony

If you ask your marriage officiant in OKC, they’d advise you to organize a cocktail hour if you plan to reserve photography after your ceremony. This way, your guests will have something to occupy with and will not feel their host has abandoned them in favor of a few photos.

You could engage your wedding officiant in Oklahoma City or your photographer to keep track of time firmly. It’s best to devote thirty to forty-five minutes maximum for the pictures, and then you can join your guests in the celebration.

3.      Intimate Ceremony following a Big Reception- Is it possible?

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City say it is a popular trend for couples to keep their vows exclusive while the reception is a more lavish affair. So if you too wish for an intimate wedding ceremony, wedding ministers in OKC give their approval, but they share a few tips to do it the right way.

Marriage officiants in OKC say it is important to be mindful of your loved ones’ sentiments when choosing an intimate ceremony. When making a choice, consider how they would feel and whether you should discuss your plans before finalizing them with your close family and friends.

Secondly, it is important to decide who you wish to exclude from the ceremony and why. Marriage officiants in Oklahoma City say guests commonly assume they’re invited to the ceremony and the reception when the cards reach them.

Hence, if you’re planning otherwise, make a special note of it in the invitation. Inviting your guests in categories is the best way to keep your ceremony intimate. For instance, those attending the ceremony, like parents and siblings, will get a separate invitation while the rest of the guests join later, a separate one.

Perhaps a phone call ahead of the ceremony to explain to loved ones’ why you wish for an intimate ceremony would appease their sentiments too.

4.      Pets at Wedding Ceremony

Marriage officiants in Oklahoma have increasingly noticed the presence of beloved pets as their owners say ‘I do”. While most love the sight of furry members walking their pet parents down the aisle, there are etiquettes to follow here too.

Your wedding videography in Oklahoma and wedding photography in OKC will undoubtedly turn out great, with pets posing at the ceremony. But etiquettes demand that couples first take the permission of the venue management to seek approval.

Secondly, couples belonging to religious institutions must confirm with their wedding minister in Oklahoma if they are comfortable with a pet present while presiding over the ceremony. They must also ensure that the pet is well-behaved and does not react to large crowds, which could be a disaster.

Only if it seems reasonable, wedding ministers in Oklahoma City say, should couples decide to bring their pets to witness their vows.

5.      Organizing a Cocktail Hour Following the Ceremony

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma City note that couples are often so overwhelmed and eager for their first shoot as husband and wife post the ceremony that they forget their guests. This is especially true in cases where the couple has planned their wedding photography in Oklahoma City right after the nuptials.

This is why organizing a cocktail hour is an important etiquette. Marriage officiants in Oklahoma City recommend leaving someone in charge, like a close family or friend, to ensure the guests are engaged. At the same time, the couple gets their photoshoot done immediately after the ceremony.

Final Thoughts

A wedding ceremony is the most poignant and relatively sober part of a wedding. Hence, it is important to follow the right etiquette to ensure every guest is honored and that the ceremony turns out as beautifully as the couples wish.

Marriage officiants in Oklahoma recommend a few tips to have lasting memories from the most important part of your big day.

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