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The Differences between an Elopement Wedding Ceremony in OKC and a Courthouse Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma City: A Wedding Officiant in El Reno, Oklahoma Explains the Differences

Marriage is a beautiful way for two families to come together and form a long-lasting bond to raise the future generation. And it all happens with the help of a marriage officiant OKC. However, when it comes to marriage, there are many differences depending on the couple and the person they’re bestowing the role of, wedding officiant Oklahoma City.

Their likes and dislikes, or what they envision as their perfect wedding, or even if their family and friends approve of it, play a huge role in ensuring the wedding day goes well.

In this article, we’ll be talking about eloping and marriage’s true definitions, the differences and similarities between them, and how a Wedding officiant OKC plays a role in letting the wedding go smoothly.

You can take a wedding minister OKC into account if you’re considering running away and getting married to your lover. In either of the instances, a wedding minister OKC is necessary to make things official.

What is Elopement

Eloping is when two lovers run away or away from home to get married, usually to avoid their parents’ consent for their marriage. A Marriage Officiant Oklahoma City is needed, and usually, it’s someone they know or are close to who plays the role of wedding minister OKC on their secret wedding day.

What is a Courthouse Wedding

This event is done with legal action, usually involving the consent of all parties. The wedding officiant Oklahoma allows two people to be married under the roof of a courthouse. It is a civil contract between two people, usually without a religious ceremony.


With both of these forms of marriage, there is a break in the societal rule that allows individuals to get married despite the differences in their situations. Every marriage is unique and requires the right amount of power to be played through.

Here are the differences between elopement and courthouse marriage:

1. Guests

This aspect is the biggest contrast between the two. Since elopement works without notifying parties other than the two lovers, wedding minister OKC and a few other people are the only ones who attend the marriage of two eloped lovers.

On the contrary, there are a lot of guests that visit lovers that have decided to get married through the use of a civil contract. This allows the consent of all the parties involved and leads to a big event where people witness the lovers and their dedication to each other.

2. Planning Time

Elopement takes a shorter time to plan out as people don’t show up, so it’s a selected group through continuous hours of planning and sifting through to be able to attend the event. In some cases, there aren’t any friends or family involved, just the lovers and a marriage officiant OKC that blesses the secret marriage.

Weddings, however, take a good while to plan. Weddings involve calling all the possible guests, friends, or family, accounting for the food for the wedding dinner, the venue of the wedding, seating lists and decorations, and so much more are taken into account to host the wedding.

Planning usually takes a month to be fully operational, from calling, asking and arranging all the necessities. The biggest difference between the methods of marriage is that one is minimal while the other seems extravagant.

3. Venues

Venues for courthouse marriages must be large enough to fit all the family members and friends in; this requires the couple to choose a venue that not only fulfills the desire of the couple liking but also focuses on the opinions of their friends and family.

Since elopement doesn’t alert anyone of the couple’s marriage, it heavily focuses on the couple and requires a smaller venue or no venue, as you can take this place anywhere.

4. Price

Per speculation, the price and costs of elopement marriage are almost none, as most of the money can be invested in securing a wedding officiant OKC for their wedding or other expenses like their future planning.

But for courthouse weddings, a ton of activities require the most money, which is split into the requirements needed to ensure hosting the event itself, from hosting the venue to hiring a caterer and other expenses that can add to each other, creating a hassle for the couple.

5. Personalization

Elopement can be as personalized as the couple wants their wedding to be, as they don’t have to hear the opinions of others. This allows them to break societal norms to meet the expectation of their desires.

Marriage, however, requires it to be more formal and meet the expectations of the mindset of any authoritative figures in the couple’s friends or family members.


Despite the major differences between the two forms of marriage, here are the reasons why they are still similar.

1. Planning Ahead

Both forms of marriage proposals are conducted to ensure the couple last together for a long time and it allows them to be encouraged to plan their lives together. This form of union is filled with blessings and well wishes by the marriage officiant OKC who allows the lovers to be joined together through a marriage contract allowing them to plan their lives together ahead.

2. Family and Friends

No matter the reason and statement of marriage, it’s a wonderful event to bring friends and family together to create a special bond through them all to ensure that everyone works together to build a loving and trusting relationship with is blessed by a wedding officiant Oklahoma City.

3. Love

By getting married in the presence of a wedding minister OKC, the couple can help spread love among everyone in any form and share their happiness with the people surrounding them.


That is the difference between both ceremonies. The main reason for their difference depends on the couple’s options through which they can choose and appear to be beneficial for all the parties involved.

With help from a wedding officiant Oklahoma, love will prevail between two partners as become one. In this way, a marriage officiant OKC is crucial

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