Your Cats Choose the Cloth Colors and Wedding Themes for a Wedding Ceremony in OKC, OK

Cloth Colors and Wedding Themes for a Wedding Ceremony in OKC

Why More Wedding Officiants in Oklahoma City Recommend Letting Your Cats Choose the Cloth Colors and Wedding Themes for a Wedding Ceremony in OKC, OK

Lately, wedding officiants OKC are recommending that to-be-wed couples let their cats choose the color for their wedding outfits and the theme of the wedding. Not surprisingly, many people are left wondering the reasons behind this recommendation. If you’re wondering why a wedding minister in Oklahoma would do that, this article has the answers.

What Are the Duties of a Wedding Officiant?

The wedding minister in Oklahoma City, also known as the wedding officiant OKC, is an authoritative person who leads a wedding ceremony. The state legally recognizes these individuals to pronounce a couple as married.

If you’re having a religious ceremony (Christian wedding), your marriage officiant in Oklahoma City must also be qualified as a religious leader. Your particular religious organization, aka your church, should qualify your wedding minister OKC to lead your wedding ceremony.

Some religious groups also require the ceremony to take place at a particular location/ venue. For instance, if you belong to a Catholic church, your wedding officiant Oklahoma City will lead your ceremony in the church building only.

Depending on the state laws, the legal responsibilities of a marriage officiant in OKC may vary. Generally, the wedding minister in Oklahoma City signs the marriage license. This signifies that they do not know any reason why you or your spouse may not be eligible for the marriage. The signature is also a sign that your wedding minister Oklahoma is a witness who saw you share your wedding vows.

Therefore, the wedding officiant Oklahoma City is a critical personality in the wedding. Not to mention, the wedding job is also responsible for multiple other responsibilities. These typically include:

Completing the Marriage License

A wedding minister in OKC gets the title of a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City due to the task of completing the marriage license. In other words, an “officiant” makes the marriage ‘official.” Completing the marriage license indicates that your spouse and you are entering a legal contract.

The marriage officiant in Oklahoma City is also responsible for ensuring that the marriage license is filed properly. However, anyone, including the couple themselves and the wedding minister OKC can return the license to the state.

Performing Wedding Ceremonies

Writing and performing wedding ceremonies are tasks that wedding officiants in Oklahoma are most popularly known for. A non-religious wedding minister in OKC may need to write the wedding ceremony. However, if your wedding officiant Oklahoma is your priest, they will read the ceremony from the prayer book.

Mostly, Christian wedding ministers in OKC only need to change the name out. The same is the case with most civil ceremonies as well.

Wedding Officiants Also Help Keep Up With Wedding Trends and Personalize the Ceremony

Keeping up with the latest wedding trends is never a bad idea. Besides completing the marriage license and looking into legal matters, marriage officiants OKC also help the couple choose the wedding theme, colors, décor, etc.

Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City also offer premium services to help personalize the wedding ceremony. They may help brides choose a wedding dress or the right flowers for the bouquet, etc.

Let Your Cats Choose Your Wedding Colors and Themes

Recently, wedding officiants OKC are recommending couples to let their cats choose the wedding colors, theme, etc. Why is that, you may think.

Well, cats have strong senses that enable them to pick on things that humans fail to notice. More specifically, a cat can smell and hear much better than humans. Besides, they have an ultra-sensitive sense of touch. This is why you will notice your cat being super alert throughout the day. Additionally, the nighttime vision of a cat is much more enhanced than during the day.

You may think that these are why your wedding minister in Oklahoma City recommends allowing your cat to personalize your wedding. However, people, especially pet owners, believe cats also have a sixth sense that enables them to foresee future events and understand unspoken emotions.

While there is no concrete evidence to confirm this, pet owners like to back up this claim with interesting pet stories. From such explanations, it is pretty clear that cats do have great intuition and can sense things that humans may not be able to.

Pay Attention to Your Cat

There are many ways in which pet owners like to explain a cat’s intuition. Some also suggest that the heightened senses of a cat are the reason why a cat can pick up on things that humans easily miss.

In any case, if you’re letting your cat decides your wedding theme, décor, and color. Whether your cat’s remarkable ability is a result of heightened senses or a strong emotional bond, your cat can help you create a wonderful wedding. After all, this is the reason why wedding officiants OKC recommends making your cat a part of essential wedding decisions.

Whether you believe it or not, there is no reason to ignore your cat’s behaviors if it displays intuition. You know your cat better, so make sure to look out for any unusual behaviors that can serve as a sign of display of its sixth sense.

For this, you must understand the particular communication style of your pet cat. For instance, pay close attention to vocalization and body language. When you are more in sync with your cat’s habits and behaviors, you will be better able to make decisions for your wedding ceremony.


Wedding officiants in Oklahoma City are responsible for a variety of jobs. Apart from completing the marriage license and pronouncing a couple married, wedding ministers OKC also help personalize the wedding ceremony.

Your wedding officiant Oklahoma City may ask you to allow your cat to decide your wedding color, theme, etc. This is because cats tend to have a sixth sense intuition, according to cat owners.

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