Cats as Dance Partners: Human Dancers without Dance Partners at a Wedding Reception in OKC

Cats as Dance Partners

Are you a pet owner? Then surely you cannot imagine attending a wedding without your furry pet in attendance, let alone getting married yourself without your pet. Fortunately, every wedding minister in Oklahoma City these days is totally comfortable with having your pet by your side as they officiate your vows.

In fact, a wedding officiant in OKC these days also has some stellar tops to share with human dancers who do not have a partner at a wedding. Since wedding reception invitations rarely come by these days, human dancers often find themselves without a dancing partner when they’re fortunate to attend one.

That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the fun, especially when you have solo dancing tips from the marriage officiant OKC himself.

Making Your Cat a Part of the Big Day- Tips from a Wedding Officiant in OKC

If you can recall every wedding reception you’ve attended in the past ten years, surely you’ll remember that a pet cat was present 9 out of 10 times to witness the nuptials. This does not come as a surprise, considering how the wedding industry has become more pet-friendly in the past decade.

Wedding ministers in Oklahoma have noted that couples love incorporating their pets because they consider them family members. If it’s the same for you, here are some top tips from a wedding officiant in Oklahoma to make your pet a special part of your big day.

1.      Make Your Cat Your Dance Partner

A wedding minister in Oklahoma City recalls a wedding party that cheered the loudest when the couple included their pet cat in their dance. Now, although tricky, you could opt for the idea too. Imagine the lovely furry pictures your photographer will get to capture as you dance with your feline member in tow, soon after becoming man and wife.

It is sure to drive the crowds crazy, but we know the hearts will beat just a little extra, and eyes will get all watery at the beautiful scene that will unfold. Besides, your precious cat will surely feel extra loved when you keep it beside you on the most special day of your life.

2.      Make Your Cat the Page Boy or Flower Girl

Have a precious furry cat as a pet? Then why not make it one of the flower girls or page boys (depending on the gender) at your wedding? You could put on a cute little outfit for it, a funky floral collar, and have one of the other attendants walk it down the aisle to you.

A wedding officiant in Oklahoma will encourage you on the idea, too, considering how cats have won hearts all over. In fact, if you train your cat well enough before the wedding, make it practice its walk, and ensure it has everything to be on its best behavior, your cat will add to the beauty of your day.

3.      Do a Little Rock n Roll with Your Cat.

There’s nothing more beautiful than getting to adore a bride in her white gown, twirling around with her lovely cat on the dance floor. Do you want your cat to add to the beauty of your big day? A wedding officiant in OKC recommends a rock n roll, special dance feature at your reception party.

However, before you start practicing for it with your furry friend, do remember to get a cute little tuxedo or tutu dress to wear, especially for the dance.

A Wedding Minister’s Advice for Human Dancers without Dance Partners

Are you looking forward to a wedding reception but haven’t found a dance partner yet? A wedding minister in Oklahoma has some great tips for human dancers without dance partners for a wedding reception. There’s often a time when you want to enjoy a well-organized and fun wedding party, but your partner may fail to show up.

In situations like these, a marriage officiant in OKC says that you shouldn’t give up your own fun and go home but rather make the most of the party. Here’s how:

  • If you’re a human dancer, but your dance partner ditches you at the last minute, then don’t panic. First, mingle with the wedding guests and see if someone is in the same boat as you. If there is another solo guest, ask them if they’d like to be your partner for the dancing ahead.
  • A wedding officiant in Oklahoma says that couple dancing is really a thing of the past, and most modern couples do not practice it much. Suppose you find yourself without a partner at a wedding party. Simply wait till the first round of slow dance is over. Once the music changes, everyone will break into a group, and you can easily join it.
  • Set the trend- a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City encourages solo human dancers to be trend setters. Even if there is a couple of dance routine lined up at the party, you could join in without a partner. Simply join the rest as they grand march around the ballroom or pretend you have a partner and waltz around the room during the couples’ dance. The crowd will surely find your spirit and your dancing skills impressive and will applaud you for it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t have a wedding partner for the next reception you’re invited to? Fret not, as long as you have yourself, your dancing spirit, and your dancing shoes. You need no partner to have fun. A wedding officiant in OKC notes the rising trends of solo human dancers at wedding parties and encourages everyone to follow suit.

After all, there’s no rule in the book that says you must deprive yourself of the pleasure of dancing just because you couldn’t find a partner in time. If nothing else, consider having your cat as your dance partner. They don’t ditch their pet parents and also make the special day even more memorable with their cute antics on the dance floor.

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