Create a Cat-Themed Wedding Ceremony for Newlywed Couples in Oklahoma

Cat-Themed Wedding Ceremony for Newlywed Couples in Ok

How a Wedding Officiant in Norman, OK, Can Create a Cat-Themed Wedding Ceremony for Newlywed Couples in Oklahoma

As a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, surely you’ve presided over enough weddings with pet cats around to realize how big the love of animals is. Now that you have seen how couples refuse to say their vows without their cats present, you should start offering stellar suggestions.

As a wedding officiant in OKC, you have a lot more responsibilities to fulfill than merely writing the ceremony script and presiding over the vows. You must offer your expert assistance wherever possible and give suggestions to ensure your clients have the wedding of their dreams.

A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City can provide excellent tips for creating cat-themed weddings for their clients. If you’re a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, take notes of the following to share with your soon-to-wed clients.

1. Ring-Bearing Client

Being a wedding minister in Oklahoma, you have plenty of experience with cat attendees. Hence, you could suggest your clients make their kitty darling the ring bearer on their big day. Of course, you will have to help train the cat to walk down the aisle, but it would be great fun.

As a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, train the cat to obey basic commands and have it walk down the aisle solo as the ring bearer. The couple will also love this feature in their wedding photography and videography.

2. Cat Bowties

This may be costly, but if your clients are willing to do it, why not suggest it? We are talking about cute cat bowties for the wedding party and the groom. The advantage of being a marriage officiant in OKC is that your word carries weight.

Hence, there’s no way your clients getting married soon will fail to love the idea of custom cat bow ties for the ceremony. They will only have to order enough bow ties with a cat figure at the front for everyone. But this will surely delight all the guests when they see the unique bowties at the wedding party.

Oh, and also, remember to place an order for the couple’s cat itself. After all, what’s a cat-themed wedding when the cat member does not have a cat bowtie?

3. Flower Crown

The couple to wed will have many details to worry about during the wedding planning process. So the marriage officiant in Oklahoma City can pitch in wherever possible and share the load. As a wedding minister of Oklahoma, you’ll have plenty of contacts, florists, vendors, and just about everyone.

So you could give the cat-themed wedding an exciting boost by ordering a flower crown for the kitty flower girl at your next cat wedding. Give your client’s a surprise while impressing everyone with your goodwill gesture. If you suggest your clients make their kitty a flower girl too, you can surprise them with a flower crown for their furry member on the big day.

4. Invitation Card

What better way to introduce the theme to the guests than with a wedding card if it’s to be a cat-themed wedding? Oh, not just a plain, regular wedding invitation card. As the official wedding minister of Oklahoma for the day, we meant that you could suggest having the client’s cat’s picture on the front of the invitations.

You could even suggest the couple get a portrait made with their cat and have it printed on the front of their wedding invitation cards. It will be the height of cuteness and the best way of making the cat a part of the big day.

5. Cat Mention in the Wedding Script

As a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City, you must be an expert at crafting scripts for each wedding ceremony. If you know you will be presiding over a cat-themed wedding, you could include a sweet mention of the couple’s cat in the vows.

It will be a loving and poignant memory for the couple as they commit to each other for life while including their furry member in their equation. After all, their happily-ever-after will involve their beloved cat, and as a thoughtful wedding minister in OKC, you’ll make it a part of their vows.

6. Custom Cat Stickers

While planning a cat-themed wedding as a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, you can suggest inexpensive ways of incorporating the client’s beloved cat. Custom cat stickers are one great option to offer. You could ask your clients to order custom stickers displaying their beloved furry member’s face.

Then you could help them use those stickers on everything related to the big day. The stickers will look good on everything from bouquets, wedding invitations, bowties, and wedding tables.

7. Cat Balloons

Being the wedding minister in OKC, you can suggest your clients opt for cat-shaped balloons, instead of the regular ones, for their venue. Nothing will emphasize the big day’s theme better than dozens of cat-shaped balloons adorning the venue.

These balloons could be custom-made, with the client’s pet cat’s face featured on the balloons. Or the couple could pick packets of cat-shaped balloons from any decoration store for their big day. These would look wonderful at the cat-wedding and make an eye-catching detail in wedding photography and wedding videography.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a cat wedding to officiate as a wedding minister in Oklahoma City? Then you can use the suggestions mentioned above to help your clients make their wedding as cattish and outstanding as possible.

The options are endless, from cat-themed wedding cakes, custom cat stickers, and cat bowties to cat-themed wedding décor. With these suggestions, plenty of cat detailing will please animal lovers and your clients.

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