How Does a Wedding Officiant in OKC Keep Your Cat from Scratching the Wedding Dress

Have you already purchased the right package for wedding photography in OKC? When you have a wedding photography shoot ready to take place, you can’t risk having your wedding dress torn up by your beloved cat. If you have a grumpy cat that doesn’t like an overly crowded place such as a wedding venue, it makes sense to keep them away. If your cat is grumpy and uncomfortable with staying in a room full of bridesmaids and you, they may cling to the wedding dress by accident. Although innocent and not so demeaning, it could be a disaster for you.

But, hiring a professional wedding officiant in OKC might help you prevent such a catastrophe from taking place. A wedding officiant in Oklahoma City that’s also trained and experienced at handling cats might do the perfect job of keeping your cat under control and behavior. Here’s how a skilled OKC wedding officiant might help you keep your dress intact and safe from your cat.

A Wedding Officiant Can Save Your Wedding Dress from Getting Scratched

For starters, the practice begins with a short period of training, at the end of which your cat will hopefully realize the importance of staying away from the wedding dress. Plus, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City who’s well-trained and experienced at handling cats will teach your cat how to avoid scratching the wedding dress. To help you understand, training a cat not to scratch a wedding dress isn’t so complicated. The practice is similar to how an experienced animal trainer will teach your pet to avoid scratching the couch or bed sheets

One of the first things to know before diving into the strategy to keep your dress safe is that getting angry, irritated, or frustrated will only make things more complicated. Scratching nails on surfaces is a natural behavior for cats. They do so to mark their territory, for nail maintenance, or when they’re conflicted about the environment (e.g., a crowded wedding venue). So, getting angry will only escalate the whole scene.

The Scratching-Post Strategy

A wedding officiant from Oklahoma City will recommend getting a scratching post or more than one depending on the behavior of your beloved cat. For some cats, scratching posts are a great solution to satisfy their scratching temptations. As we established earlier, cats need to scratch from time to time more than once during the day. And because you can’t let your lovely furniture or your expensive wedding dress fall to harm, you must invest in scratching posts.

Scratching posts offer the most efficient and best way out of having a torn wedding dress. Scratching posts are comfortable and relaxing for cats. They’re easily noticeable, and once you introduce them to your beloved cat before your wedding, they can quickly grow accustomed to it. Of course, you will have to work closely with your wedding officiant to tame your cat into scratching only on the new toy you’ve brought.

It will be quite time-consuming, but the results are often satisfactory. Once your cat knows that the wedding officiant in OKC wants it to scratch only on the post, it will start practicing more. You can spray the citrus scent on the surfaces you don’t want the cat to scratch because cats have a natural aversion to citrus odors. But, this might not work for your wedding dress. So, your wedding officiant will encourage you to keep practicing scratching with your cat.

The best way to make it a natural habit is to offer treats and praises whenever your cat goes to scratching posts. It can work wonders in keeping your wedding dress safe.

Anti-Scratching Arsenal: Feline Facial Pheromones

You can go for the feline facial pheromones as part of your anti-scratching arsenal. That’s because cats often scratch when they’re stressed or frustrated. To keep them calm, you can offer them treats and praises. However, adding feline facial pheromones to surfaces that you don’t want to be scratched can help. The pheromones easily enter the cat’s nostrils and relieve them of their stress depending on the strength of the solution. It has a calming effect on cats that are very scratchy when stressed. Your wedding officiant in OKC might recommend the same.

On the other hand, there are a lot of other training habits and techniques that can help you keep your dress safe from your lovely but scratchy feline pet. For instance, you can place the scratching post for your feline friend strategically around the house. Another technique could include adding a unique odor to the scratching post and placing it at the wedding venue beforehand. You can then train your cat accordingly.

Your cat will know where the scratching post is to satisfy its needs and leave your dress alone. Plus, even when the cat is with you in the dressing room along with the dress, it won’t bother going for the dress when its favorite scratching toy is nearby. The key is placement and training consistency to instill the habit of scratching only on the toy in your feline.

The Conclusion

While including your cat in your wedding might be a memorable decision, it will certainly require some foresight and understanding to keep your wedding dress intact. With the helpful guidance and tips above, you may realize how a wedding officiant in OKC can ravage your wedding dress. Since a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City has worked with different couples and wedding environments, they have little more idea in handling situations than others.

Besides, if you require expert wedding officiant services in Oklahoma, you can contact Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies in Oklahoma. Dr. Tinsley Keefe and Dr. Makayla Saramosing have established a positive reputation among locals. Call today and a wedding minister or wedding photographer/videographer in OKC.

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