What to do When a Cat Objects During a Wedding Ceremony

Cat Objects During a Wedding Ceremony

As a wedding officiant in OKC, surely you’ve presided over many wedding ceremonies where pet cats have played an important role. Considering the increasing love and awareness for animals everywhere, pet cats are as dear family members as any other human being in a household.

This is why it is not uncommon to see wedding videography in OKC or wedding photography where cats get special photoshoot attention too. Apart from the cuteness factor, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma City will tell you how they often note pet cats rejecting or objecting to a partner.

Does your pet exhibit an unrestrained aversion to your partner? Perhaps you should pay more attention to the warning signs. Your wedding officiant in Oklahoma might rightfully feel vary of officiating your vows, too, if they note your cat’s constant objection at the ceremony.

So what should you do in such a situation? Let’s find out below.

Wedding Minister in Oklahoma- Explain to Your Client that their Cat is not merely Jealous

As a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, if you notice a cat constantly pulling its pet parent away from the Altar, perhaps you should explain something to them. Cats are very intuitive animals by nature, and their senses are far sharper than ours.

If a cat gets in the way of your wedding minister in Oklahoma, you must remember that the cat might not merely be jealous. If the furry animal is strongly opposing the ceremony, perhaps they have sensed something inappropriate in the partner.

Even when you meet up with your client and his/her cat in attendance and you notice the same, you could have a side talk with your client. Tell him or her that as their marriage officiant in OKC, it is your responsibility to protect their wellbeing in the process of marriage.

Perhaps the cat may be warning the pet parent to think again before committing to a lifetime with their partner. Are they sure they know the partner inside and out and trust him/her to be faithful? Is the partner a sane person and not someone untrustworthy under disguise?

As a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City, your well-intended advice could probably save your client from marital issues later. Perhaps he/she may have made a mistake in recognizing their partner, and the pet cat could be warning them about it.

Pet Cat- A Territorial Feeling

The second possibility of why your cat may strongly oppose your partner at the wedding ceremony is because the pet didn’t get a chance to familiarize itself. It could be that the cat is not all that upset over the pet parent spending more time with their partner. Rather, the inhospitable behavior could result from confusion and fear of the unknown.

Cats, being territorial animals by nature, require time to get comfortable with a human. You can’t simply plop the furry member into your fiancé’s lap and expect them to get on like a house on fire instantly. In fact, such an act could make your cat revolt against your partner even more, and that is sadly what happens most typically.

Being a wedding officiant, you know better how couples often rush through their decision of marriage, not giving other family members a chance to acquaint themselves too. Hence, the pet cat may object to the ceremony if the pet parent forces the animal and the partner together.

Do your bit like a wedding minister and suggest your client give the pet cat time to figure out and investigate the new person in their life. Once they have given the cat this liberty, the animal will soon get quite comfortable and even attached to the partner.

The furry darling will perhaps even smile at their wedding photography in Oklahoma.

Help the Pet Cat change opinion

As we mentioned above, one must not rush their cats through the process. If a wedding minister notices a cat objecting vehemently at a wedding ceremony, there are strong chances there was no time for bonding prior to the ceremony.

Hence, as a wedding minister in Oklahoma City who knows their client has a pet cat, you must advise your client to take time. Not just to be sure of what they’re getting into but also to give family, including pets, a chance to get to know the partner.

As a pet parent, you owe it to your pet to have a say in your important matters. One must not force their spouse onto the animal but must let the cat acquaint itself at its pace. The goal is to let the cat know that the new member is not a threat.

This will not just keep the anxiety from building up but will smooth any initial fears the cat may have too. When you have given sufficient time to your pet cat to bond with your partner, your wedding videography in Oklahoma will be a thing to watch.

Trust us; no one will be able to overcome the cuteness level of your pet cat in your wedding videography in Oklahoma!

Final Thoughts

Pet cats are wonderful creatures, and those who own one will know that pets are as dear as any other family member or friend. When it comes to life’s important decisions, like getting married, it is right to include your pet’s opinion too.

After all, once you adopt an animal as your own, you have to give due consideration to its likes and dislikes as well. If your pet cat has had enough time with your fiancé and yet objects strongly at the wedding ceremony, you could have a word with your wedding minister and call it off.

But if you rushed through things, it is unfair to expect the cat to bond instantly with the new partner. It will rightfully feel vary and oppose your nuptials if it doesn’t trust your new partner.

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