How a Wedding Officiant in OKC, OK can Officiate a Wedding Ceremony in Oklahoma for Two Cats

Are you a wedding officiant in OKC? If you are, congratulations! There’s more than one type of wedding you can officiate as a wedding minister. A union between two beings is a thing to celebrate always, whether it’s between humans or cats.

Living in a modern world, you don’t always have to wait for mere humans to find love to participate in a wedding celebration. You can ask any wedding officiant in Oklahoma City, and they’ll tell you about the numerous weddings between cats, dogs, and other pet animals that they officiate.

Even wedding videography and wedding photography business owners will share wonderful experiences about covering animal wedding affairs. There’s a beautiful trend that animal lovers have established, and as a wedding minister in Oklahoma with love for animals, nothing can be a greater source of joy than this.

Officiating a Marriage between Cats as a Wedding Minister- From a Legal Point of View

From a legal standpoint, it is important to go back in history and assess what DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, says on the topic. The defenders of DOMA, they believe that Congress simply laid down a generalized term that has occurred in numerous federal laws.

However, some federalists staunchly claim that DOMA merely provides a policy choice. Its primary objective is to lend protective support to the traditional protocols and understanding of marriage without introducing a new take on it.

Before the establishment of DOMA, there was no specific definition of marriage from the federal government. At least there was nothing that strictly restricted the act of marriage between one man and woman.

But over the years, as love interests evolved and people acknowledged that four-legged furry animals have as much right to live as humans, marriages started evolving. When animal lovers pushed for validation of marriages between cats and dogs, the federal government faced the demands for altering policies to accommodate more than straight marriages.

After quite some struggle, the laws finally accepted that cats are not much different from dogs, and if dog marriages are legal, cat marriages can be too. Hence, the good news for a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City is that they can lend their matrimony-officiating services to not just humans but furry little creatures too.

Hosting a Cat Wedding- Tips from a Wedding Officiant in Oklahoma

As a wedding officiant in Oklahoma, you have the authority to officiate a marriage between two cats. The protocols will be the same as in human weddings, but we must warn you; you may be reaching for your handkerchief more than usual.

There’s something supremely beautiful about seeing two furry creatures starting an incredible journey and a wonderful breeding relationship. To have the honor of hosting such a wedding is a momentous occasion, and you must encourage your clients to leave no shortcomings.

From wedding photography and wedding videography to décor and theme colors, your pet deserves to have a grand wedding. Canine nuptials are a beautiful experience each time, and here’s what a wedding minister can recommend to his/her clients.

1. Find a Cat-Friendly Venue

As a marriage officiant in OKC, you will surely have plenty of knowledge about pet-friendly venues in the city. You must work with your clients to pick a pet-friendly venue so that your guests bring their furry felines to attend the celebration too.

After all, what’s a cat wedding without cat guests to attend it? By choosing a pet-friendly venue, you’ll know that all cats will be welcome at the exquisite ceremony you will preside over as a wedding minister.

2. Arrange Plenty of Cat Treats

It’s a cat wedding after all, isn’t it? The center of attention will be the furry animals for the evening, so it is only right to ensure all cat-favorite items are in abundance at your pet’s wedding. From cat treats to milk bowls and snacks that the feline darlings enjoy, work with your clients to arrange a delicious buffet for their friends.

Besides, it is a tad bit more difficult to handle cat guests than human guests at weddings. After all, animals can feel overwhelmed in crowds and out of their comfort zones. If anything puts them on edge, they may turn rowdy and fidgety and might just not behave too well at the wedding.

But with cat treats around and special cat food, they’ll be comfortable, well-fed, and happy throughout the party. In fact, if the arrangements please them, the guests of honor might even pose cutely for the wedding photography. As a wedding minister in Oklahoma, you can’t feel prouder of yourself than officiating and helping host a cat wedding where all the cat guests are on their best behavior.

3. Choose a Cat-Suitable Time for the Ceremony and Reception

Cats are far different from humans. We may have the energy reserves and temperament to party the night away, but we can’t expect the same from our furry guests. Most importantly, as a marriage officiant in OKC, you want the cat couple to be the most comfortable and happy to enjoy their wedding, right?

Hence, it is important to pick a time when cats feel their best. You could suggest your clients discuss with their family and friends who will be bringing their cats too to the wedding, to unanimously pick a time. Each will know what time of the day their pets feel their best, and organizing the ceremony and reception thereafter at that time would be a great idea.

Final Thoughts

As a wedding minister in Oklahoma City, surely you feel overwhelmed when you have to preside over a couple’s wedding. Considering the huge responsibility on your shoulders to ensure the most important ceremony of someone’s life is flawless, you may rightfully feel overwhelmed.

It is even trickier when it comes to officiating a marriage between two cats as a marriage officiant in Oklahoma City. It can be quite tricky to tame down excited and unruly cats at a ceremony, and things could quickly get out of hand.

However, as a wedding minister, if you work as a team with your clients, together you can arrange a beautiful and unique cat wedding.

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